When it is practical or possible, making funeral arrangements in advance of need can provide the peace of mind that all details have been taken care of in a way that is satisfying to one's self and one's survivors. A family discussion combined with our counsel can assure that everyone involved feels comfortable with the arrangements. Certainly we all would prefer that our loved ones be able to say afterward "I am glad we did" rather than "I wish we had." Pre-planning can help accomplish this goal. Today, making any kind of funeral arrangement involves many choices and decisions. It is helpful to consider all of the options and take time to ask questions before making final decisions about such an important event. It is our intent to help make the entire experience as positive as possible. If you have already completed funeral arrangements and pre-paid with another funeral home, Fischer Funeral Care will honor, accept, and convert that account at ANY time and at no additional cost to you.

You will benefit by setting up a pre-paid funeral. It freezes the funeral home charges at today's prices. The money is placed into an insurance policy, which you own. You may pay in one lump sum, or you can set up monthly payments: 12 months same as cash or 36, 60, or 120 monthly premiums for lower monthly payments.

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