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Bozidar Voljavec

Saturday, January 11, 2020

Saturday, January 18, 2020

12:00 PM

Fischer Chapel



  • St. Jude Children's Research Hospital 501 St. Jude Place, Memphis, TN 38105

  • Please contact Fischer's at (678) 514-1000 to send a message to the family.

    Dr. Bozidar Franco Voljavec, age 95, of Dunwoody, Georgia passed away January 11, 2020. He was born in Zagreb, Croatia to Alexander and Paula. He had one brother, Tomas, who died in 1945. In that year, he fled to Austria from what was then Yugoslavia. There he met his beloved wife, Lidia Chibici von Revneanu. They were married in 1948. He continued his medical studies, begun in Zagreb, and graduated from Karl-Franzens University Graz. Unable to obtain Austrian citizenship he, his wife, and first child Tatjana immigrated to the United States in 1951. The first 9 years he worked in Milledgville State Hospital and Battey State Hospital- where he did research which is still referenced today. In 1960 he went into private practice and retired in 1986. He loved medicine and was a gifted diagnostician. In his later years, whenever someone in the family had a difficult medical problem, Papa always figured it out. He was a true Renaissance man. Over the years he pursued many passions; wildflower gardening, Beagle breeding for hunting, and petit point needlepoint. He enjoyed fresh water and deep sea fishing and cherished memories of the Adriatic Sea from his youth. He loved horseback riding both Western and Eventing, riding “Little Man” whom he trained. He was also a woodworker, furniture maker, cattle farmer and landscape architect. Late in life he took up golf. He and his wife shared one passion - dancing, they were a joy to watch. He enjoyed spending time with his grandchildren and great-grandchildren. He will be very missed. He is survived by his wife Lidia and a large family; Tatjana ( Minur Muradov) and her children, Greg Scarborough (Helaine Alon) and their daughter Azure, Christina Scarborough (David) and their boys Wolfi and Felix; Maya ( Dr. Doug) Booth and their children, Dr. Colin ( Jacqlyn) Booth, Corinne (Jay) Booth - Walter and their children Anya, Remi and William; Dr. Steve (Patricia) Voljavec and their children Stephen and Michael; Dr. Ingrid (Bob) Van Orden and their children, Lexie, Cassie and Jonathan. Bozidar also leaves behind beloved family in Graz; Bernd and Eva, Gunther and Roswitha and their families. The family would also like to thank Linda Owens for all her love and care.

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    The Fischer Family
    The Fischer Family would like to extend their sincere condolences and sympathies during this difficult time.
    Linda Hedrick LawrenceJan 24 2020 03:56 pm
    He was the Hedrick family doctor from 1962 until I married. I have never found another doctor like Dr. V, and he has always been my standard for a doctor. Maya was a high school friend, and I had the pleasure of enjoying him and his stories from a different perspective. My condolences to the entire family. I know his presence will be missed. What a joyful life!
    Bill Van OrdenJan 18 2020 03:49 pm
    My sympathy and condolences to Voljavec and Van Orden family members and friends.
    Catherine Van OrdenJan 17 2020 09:54 am
    We will miss you terribly Dida, from marching around the fire in Helen to your sweet smiles whenever you saw one of us (your grandkids) and of course your everlasting acceptance of who we all are and will become. Thank you for your love.
    Margaret Merchun-BrindelJan 17 2020 08:13 am
    My father was Franz Mercun, AKA Frank Merchun. It was not so long ago I learned Bozidar and my father attended Medical School in Graz, Austria together and were best friends at that time. My father immigrated to the US one year after Bozidar in 1952. They both worked at Milledgeville State Hospital for several years. Bozidar was best man at my parents wedding in 1957. Through their friendship, their mothers became lifelong friends as well. They shared many adventures together in Europe. Bozidar and my dad eventually forged their own paths but remained lifelong friends. I knew none of these things until within the last 1-2 years when Tatjana reached out to my brother, Greg, hoping somehow he was related to the man who had been her father’s friend since medical school in Graz! Sadly my father passed away in 2011 but Greg was able to meet Bozidar, Lidia and Tatjana. What a gift! My father considered Bozidar both friend and family and now that torch has been passed to the next generation to continue. I am so sorry to the family for their incredible loss. I am more than sorry I was unable to meet someone who was so important to my father. I am more than grateful for the gift of friendship he renewed between our families! It is a treasure that touches my heart deeply! I never met him but miss him terribly.
    Lisa UptonJan 16 2020 08:56 pm
    I shared this memory with Maya this past Sunday, but it's worth sharing again. My first recollection of Dr. Voljavec, which is still quite vivid in my mind, was many, many years ago when I was just a young girl visiting my sweet friend. He enters their home, dressed in his jodhpurs and riding boots after an afternoon of riding, and settles in to his favorite chair with his ever present bottle of wine on the floor and starts to share stories, which only he could do...I just remember thinking what a presence. He always seemed to command the room when he entered and I would always look forward to seeing him each time I would visit and hope to hear another great tale that only he could tell. I will always cherish those memories...
    ...Jan 16 2020 01:40 pm
    Richard D. ZuppJan 15 2020 10:44 pm
    Dear Ingrid my thoughts and prayers are with you and your family.
    Dorothy Allen GreenJan 15 2020 12:56 pm
    Maya, prayers to you and your family. I have good memories going to the horse shows with ya'll. I even have some pictures that I am going to find and print for you. Blessings that he had such a long life to be with his family. Love to all
    Ginger Croley BlackstoneJan 15 2020 12:50 pm
    Dear Ingrid, Bob and family: Please accept my sincere sympathy in the loss of Ingrid's father. So often, Ingrid has talked about him, from which I surmised Dr. Voljavec was quite an accomplished and much-loved person. In reading here, I can see that the world was fortunate to have known him. -ginger
    Maya BoothJan 14 2020 04:08 pm
    We love you, Papa and will miss you terrible. Enjoy your rest and we will take good care of Mama
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